More hard work

August 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is what Sam and I worked on today. The platform is going to be a stage, the paintings are on plywood. The painting with the brown circles is going to be one of those stands where you can stick your face in the hole and have your picture taken. The other painting with the red/orange body is going to go outside so people know when they’ve found the LoBot! We also found out the apartment we thought was being saved for us wasn’t. So that was disappointing, now we need to find a cute one bedroom in North Oakland, that allows puppies and nice couples. I think we are both feeling the pressure of jobs staring, art openings approaching, and the need for a home, but hopefully we can keep it together and continue to Find Friendship!


June/July 2011 Small Works

August 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I made these watercolors during my collaborative artist-residency with Sam Weinberg, at the LoBot Gallery! We are loving Oakland, and have found a way to stay here after our residency. It is very exciting to be living some place so different, though I miss my friends and family on the east coast. The art scene in Oakland is very vibrant, and I am glad to be joining it!

These drawings were not made collaboratively, but are filled with influences from life with Sam. I plan to continue to make more for our show opening August 26th, Finding Friendship. The title of our show was inspired by my west coast cousin Laura Reyes and her adorable and friendship confused dog Austin! Her beautiful art can be seen at The Aura In Laura.  Stay tuned for sneak peaks of  the rest of the Finding Friendship show!

Jurassic Park

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night, I had a very exciting dream about Jurassic Park– it had opened and was filled with guests, children and adults ready to ride the rides, and see the “monsters”. Of course everything went horribly wrong, much like in the movie and terror ensued.

When I woke up all the Dinosaurs had gotten me so excited to get back to work on my imaginary friends. I finished classes about a month ago, and now have four months without school to get ready for my Thesis Exhibition. Hooray!

I am also getting ready for a very exciting change this summer. I was born and raised and college educated all within the state of Maryland. I also have fallen in love with a terrific artist and educator. We both are from the East Coast, and have so many friends and buttloads of family here. Neither of us have lived substantially anywhere other than the East Coast, and we are ready for a new adventure.  SO we are planning to move to Oakland, CA! We have just started the application process for an artist residency @ LoBot Gallery, and I am already looking at what kinds of dogs the animal shelters have.

The next few months will be a flurry of activity, getting ready to move across the country, and receiving my Bachelors degree in May! My goal for this New Year is to blog more frequently, and to keep a record of our planning, our goals, and our accomplishments. Not to mention documenting my awesome art!

Speaking of which, here are some horrible pictures of a collage I made last night, mostly monkey parts from NatyGeo (National Geographic) and the pile of small sculptures I’m attempting to finish today.

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